Film for hot stamping and Hot Ink Roller


Film for hot stamping and Hot Ink Roller

The hot stamping film (or foil) represents the classic technology used in industrial coding. It is a pigmented polyester or polypropylene film that releases the ink thanks to the combined action of heat and pressure. It is used with markers that use a metal or plastic matrix and is ideal for series applications.

The hot ink rollers are polyurethane rubber rolls impregnated with inks, resins and non-toxic and CE patented additives. They are available in the classic colors white or black and on request also in the colors red, blue, green and yellow. Standard print temperature levels are 135 - 165 ° C and other temperatures may be required to improve print quality on some surfaces.

Depending on the particular applications and types of material to be marked, Yellow & Yellow has a wide range of films for hot and hot ink roller prints.

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