Inks for CIJ and XAAR


Inks for CIJ and XAAR

Our microcharacter marking inks (CIJ) and XAAR high definition marking inks meet all quality requirements and convince thanks to their excellent adhesion properties.

Dye-based inks are characterized by high contrast and good startup properties. To ensure good operating characteristics, we have extensively tested and regulated inks and solvents in our systems. We offer the appropriate ink for various applications that offer good adhesion properties for the specific surface together with optimized print quality.

Our pigment inks for microcharacter marking are equipped with 2 agitation systems to correctly process hard pigment inks, one in the reserve tank and one in the mixtank. Pigment sedimentation is prevented on standby through a recurring ink care function. This also allows for a configuration with a 36μ nozzle.

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