Ribbon (or film) with thermal transfer


Ribbon (or film) with thermal transfer

An important part of thermal transfer printers is the ribbon (or ink ribbon). Thermal transfer ribbon (or film) printing technology is the most used in the industrial sector for printing labels with expiration dates and numerical codes.

The thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) combines a low thickness pigmented polyester thermal transfer ribbon with markers and electronic heads. The ability to change the data to be printed on the label in real time (using a PC or PLC) has made the thermal transfer ribbon the ideal product for high-speed printing requests.

In addition to the type of ink, based on the composition with which the films are formulated (wax, resin, mixed wax and resin), it improves the sliding of the ribbon and improves the protection of the print head. They must guarantee perfect adhesion and resistance to different types of labels.

Depending on the type of final application, Yellow & Yellow has a wide selection of thermal transfer films for thermal printers:

Wax base: finds its applications in thermal transfer printers for paper labels or for normal applications, without particular resistance characteristics.
Resin base: it has better adhesion characteristics on synthetic labels or on plastic material, it is characterized by its lasting resistance.
Wax-resin base: they are present in different percentages and are suitable for special applications. Furthermore, the resin present guarantees moderate scratch resistance.

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