The food industries transform fresh products into products with a longer shelf life, therefore it is important to ensure high precision marking technology in addition to reading the number of lots and quality expiry dates.
Marking and coding in the food sector differs both in the types of wrappers and materials used, and in the different working conditions that vary according to the food to be treated. Whether it is marking bags for pasta, cheese or candies, snacks, glass containers for pickles or jams, trays or plastic containers for canning products, tin cans for fish or canned meat, secondary packaging or tertiary ... Depending on the support on which a label must be coded or applied, Yellow & Yellow recommends the best system for your needs.
One factor that should not be overlooked is the resistance of the machine during the sanitation cycles of the production line. Furthermore, the range of non-toxic and eco-compatible food inks cannot be missing. Complete your production line with a high-performance label printer and customize your pasta packaging, snacks and various packaging in an original way.

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