Marking and Coding

Micro character marking (CIJ)

The range of continuous inkjet markers Inkndustry GmbH, offers different solutions for the personalization and micro-character coding of products and packages. CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet) technology is the most used in particular for the real-time printing of lot / date codes.
A high pressure pump directs the ink to the print head creating a continuous flow of ink drops. The ink drops are subjected to a magnetic field that varies the charges according to the degree of deflection set. The deflected charged drops pass the magnetic field and create the desired marking, while the other return to the hydraulic circuit to be reused and minimize consumption.
The advantages offered by continuous inkjet marking technology are manifold, including: contactless printing on any surface at high speed and in different angles. Continuous micro-character inkjet marking printers offer high performance and durability, thanks to the stainless steel structure and the printheads with integrated cleaning system.

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