Marking and Coding

Thermal transfer marking (TTO)

Yellow & Yellow is the exclusive dealer in Italy for the Savema range of products for thermal transfer printing TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinter). The line includes thermal printers with a printing area of ​​32 mm, 53 mm and 107 mm in width, in addition to these products, we offer multi-track systems and pickers that can be used in combination with thermal transfer and ink-jet systems.
The thermal marking technique uses the heating of the print head to deposit the ink on the surface, finally creating a high contrast message. Thanks to the creation of data in real time during production, the margin of error is reduced and the ease of use of the thermal marker is simplified. In addition, the marked data show good resistance over time and against external agents.
Thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) find their use in the secondary packaging sector and are the easiest and most effective way to print variable barcodes, text and graphics, now in real time, expiry dates, batch numbers, prices. and much more information on plastic film, paper cartons and labels for flexible packaging.
Savema markers can be adapted and integrated into any horizontal and vertical system. They are also ideal for continuous and intermittent applications.

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