Marking systems for pictograms on packaging


Marking systems for pictograms on packaging

The Legislative Decree 3 September 2020, n. 116 (which includes the EU Directive 2018/852 relating to packaging and packaging waste) has undergone a series of changes to the information criteria for the management of packaging waste.
In particular, the standard requires that all packaging be appropriately labeled according to the procedures established by the UNI technical standards, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging, as well as to provide consumers with correct information on the final destinations of the packaging. . Added to this is the obligation for producers to indicate the nature of the packaging materials used and whether the latter are compostable or biodegradable

The provision also provides that the packaging must be equipped with appropriate marking (affixed to the packaging itself or on the label), which must be clearly visible and easy to read, and remain even after opening the packaging itself.

Pictograms: Guidelines

The directive provides for a numbering system for identifying materials (plastic, paper and cardboard, metals, wood materials, textiles and glass) for example, for plastics the numbering from 1 to 19, for paper and paper boxes the numbering from 20 to 29 etc. The identification of the material can also be carried out through the abbreviation of the materials used (for example "HDPE" - High Density Poliethylene). These identification methods must be inserted in the center or below the graphic mark indicating the reusable or recoverable nature of the packaging.

With reference, however, to composite materials (ie the case in which the packaging is made up of several materials, such as paper and various metals, paper and plastic, etc.), the letter "C" ("compounds") must be indicated, together with the abbreviation of the predominant packaging material.

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