Test the sealing of products with TEST BOX


Test the sealing of products with TEST BOX

Test Box is an effective system for the quality control of industrial packaging. Ideal for any type of packaging (bags, jars, cans, etc.) in both flexible and rigid materials.

Test Box allows you to quickly locate any air or gas leaks and test the quality of the seals. It can be used in any sector (food, industrial or pharmaceutical), the system adapts to every need in relation to the dimensions of the chamber, which can be completely customized.
  • Safe, as it does not require an electrical connection
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • No tampering with the packaging


Once the package has been placed inside the instrument filled with demineralized water (about 18 liters), the vacuum is applied using a Venturi device that uses the compressed air system (6-8 bar). Thanks to the effect created by the vacuum, it is possible to visually check the tightness of the package or any leaks through the presence of air or gas bubbles. Once the test has been carried out, the package can be dried and packaged, without contamination and tampering.

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