Stop barcode reading problems


Stop barcode reading problems

Barcodes are now part of everyday life. We find them in warehouse management, in the logistics department, in chemical laboratories, in retail and in many other companies. They are used to track and speed up the identification of a product by reducing human error and working times. But what are the causes of an incorrect barcode scan?

1. Wrong label placement

The most common cause is placing the label on the wrong part of the product. In this case, you can choose a different size of the label or change its position.

2. Wrong Position of the scanner

- The distance where the barcode is focused may not be correct
- The barcode may not be positioned where the scanner is reading
- The orientation of the label may not be compatible with the scanner

3. Printer Settings

Printer settings are also important to check and keep constant periodically. Improper programming of the scanner can prevent the barcode from being read and transmitted.

4. Barcode damage

Conditions to which the barcode is exposed, such as high temperatures and chemicals, may damage and render the barcode unreadable. If the product is subject to this problem, it is advisable to evaluate the change of the label and find a more performing one.

5. Reading area violation

All codes need a surrounding area free from graphics and text.

6. Insufficient contrast

For a correct reading of the code, the scanner must be able to distinguish the light bars from the dark ones, so the intensity of the ink is also important. Using a thermal transfer printer solves many of these problems.

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