Choose the right machine for industrial marking


Choose the right machine for industrial marking

The choice of marking technology differs for various parameters depending on the type of printer and is decisive for the quality of marking to be obtained.
To date, the marking is used for the purposes of traceability of industrial components by legal obligation, but also to indicate any expiry dates and / or texts of food products that the final consumer consults daily. It is therefore important to ensure the integrity of the data that will compete with the quality of the product and the image of the company.

Evaluate the characteristics of the marking machines

Marking machines must produce durable prints throughout the life cycle of the product itself. For this reason, it is important to perform a print sampling with the different chosen technologies and be sure to identify the best marking machine for your production line.
Before defining the ideal coding technology, it is good to evaluate the following characteristics:
● The type of material to be marked (plastic, metal, cardboard, glass, wood...)
● Define the strength of the marking
● Evaluate the size, resolution and print speed
● Finally, choose the positioning of the machine (online, bench, transportable)
Only after defining the previous parameters, it will be possible to orientate on the marking technology.

Our Marking Machines

Yellow & Yellow has a wide range of marking technologies suitable for different types of packaging and production environments. So, let's find out the different marking technologies and where we can eventually use them.
The inkjet markers are quite versatile and are able to mark different products and packaging thanks to a varied assortment of inks that can adapt to multiple environments. Depending on the printing needs, they are divided into:
microcharacter ink jet marking (CIJ) or high definition marking (TIJ).
Thermal transfer markers (TTO) are widely used for marking batch numbers, expiration dates and text, directly on plastic film or paper cartons.
Laser marking is a very versatile technique. It allows you to create the marking by changing the visual appearance of the material that is heated by the laser by changing its chemical-physical characteristics.
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