Evaluate the ideal label for your production


Evaluate the ideal label for your production

Choosing the right label material to apply to your products is not an easy decision at all.
The labels consist of three main layers: coating, adhesive and support. The ideal combination of these guarantees good application, otherwise the choice of an unsuitable label entails unpleasant drawbacks such as:
> the detachment from the surface
> a discoloration of the print
> deterioration if exposed to solvents or unsuitable climatic conditions

The Label must last throughout the life cycle of the product

Both by law and for good company advertising, it is important that the label is resistant. Therefore, if drops of liquid, dusty material or only for protection from the surrounding environment can come out of the package, we recommend using labels with a synthetic film to ensure the integrity of all its characteristics: adhesiveness, readability, integrity.
It is necessary to evaluate a flexible material that maintains adhesion even on irregular, porous, smooth or plastic shapes.

Conditions and Display of the Label

It all depends on the type of product. There are different materials suitable for any environmental condition: frost, low temperatures, ambient temperature or high heat.
It is important to consider a good combination of label material, adhesive and printing.
Application temperature is also a factor to consider. In a particularly humid or high temperature warehouse, the labels have different behaviors.

Aesthetic Factor: A topic to be reckoned with

Depending on the color, material and product inside, the label and readability of the data will be affected. Evaluating a white or transparent container is a good choice to be able to use any color of the label.
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