How to code products without maintenance costs


How to code products without maintenance costs

When it comes to marking variable data, regardless of the packaging used, the basic information needed to identify your products are essentially two:
● batch number
● expiry date
In order to print this information, the market offers different technologies, depending on the type of packaging used (rigid or flexible), the characteristics of the line and the customer's preferences. Often these types of products have maintenance and management costs that can become decidedly high. Therefore, choosing the right encoder can prove to be a winning move.
Unexpected maintenance, daily head cleaning of the printer, problems with restarting the coders after a long period of standstill, costs of managing and disposing of waste such as inks and thinners, can become important.

Can we eliminate these costs?

The high definition inkjet coders that use cartridges with HP technology can be the right choice for your company.
These systems guarantee a simple, safe and high-quality marking; their daily use is simple and requires no maintenance, washing, cleaning. HP technology is used for printing: disposable cartridges containing non-toxic black or colored inks, capable of printing up to a speed of 306 meters per minute, texts, graphics and bar codes.
The high definition Inkjet technology was born mainly for the marking on cartons of pharmaceutical companies, where the characteristics of the lines and production environments require a whole series of very stringent requirements to then evolve towards the most different applications and sectors (from the printing of the number of lot on a capsule of a bottle of wine to the printing on cartons). This technology allows the encoder to be able to use different cartridges for different substrates, without technical complications; and once the cartridge has been used up, with a simple move, it is extracted and replaced by another.
With TIJ high definition encoders you won't have:
● periodic maintenance costs
● costs of disposal of consumables as special waste
● costs related to extraordinary maintenance, after prolonged periods of downtime
This type of encoders, with HP cartridges, can cover a very high range of applications, from marking on back labels, bottles, flacons, cases, cardboard boxes, allowing a great flexibility.
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