Plant Passport Marking


Manage the traceability of plants independently in compliance with the new provisions

The plant passport (or phytosanitary passport) is an official label that certifies compliance with certain phytosanitary conditions, which have become mandatory for the movement of plants and plant products within the territory of the European Union.
All plants and plant products (excluding seeds and fruits) require a phytosanitary passport in order to guarantee traceability in case it is necessary to carry out research for any contamination.
The 2016/2031 / EU (PHR) regulation relating to the plant passport came into force on 14 December 2019. All passports issued before that date remain valid and accompany the products until 14 December 2023.

How the Phytosanitary Passport must be structured

Following the current legislation on the new phytosanitary passport, the format of the label must comply with the standard European model, rectangular or square and structured as follows:
- at the top left the flag of the European Union (in color or in black and white)
- at the top right the wording "Plant Passport" in the language of the member country and in English
- the letter "A" followed by the botanical name of the plant, plant species or possibly the name of the variety
- the letter "B" followed by the ISO code of the producing country, followed by a dash and the 9-digit phytosanitary registration number.
- the letter "C" followed by the traceability code of the plant. It can also be integrated with a barcode, a QR code or a chip.
- the letter "D" followed by the ISO code of the country of origin or production

Marking on pots, cards and plant labels

Whatever the surface chosen for the plant passport marking:
white or pre-printed adhesive labels
● plastic pots
● fruit collars or tips

Yellow & Yellow has different marking solutions for creating a plant passport. As needed, our staff will advise you on the technology that best suits your production needs.

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