Innovative Solutions for the Traceability of the Wine World


Innovative Solutions for the Traceability of the Wine World

The traceability of wine products allows us to reconstruct the history of a wine and its transformations before it arrives on our tables. In addition to being a legal obligation, traceability is very useful in terms of quality control, satisfaction and transparency towards the consumer.
In the world of wine, each batch of bottling is printed on the individual bottle. Printing can take place on the capsule, on the back labels and sometimes on the bottle itself, using Inkdustry deflection inkjet systems or HSA HP markers.

Industrial Color Printers

If back-labels are used, the seemingly simplest solution is to contact a printer who produces pre-printed labels with variable data (batch number and vintage).
How many times does it happen that the batches exceed the labels already ordered, forcing us to purchase further quantities and wait for the relative production times? How many times, on the other hand, does it happen that the order is higher than the number of bottles and reels are created and subsequently thrown away?
Some companies solve these problems by creating pre-printed labels on which to print variable data later. Subsequently, the type of back label (paper and glue, self-adhesive) will define the technology to be used.
The backing labels made of self-adhesive paper are compatible with industrial printers such as Afinia, which with the help of the rewinder are wound in reels and then inserted on the labeling machine. They guarantee flexible printing directly on site and at the time of need, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Automated Online Coding

Paper and glue labels, self-adhesive labels and other similar situations for marking on wine, are not compatible with a label printer, because the pigment does not transfer correctly to the substrate due to the material itself. Here then comes the inkjet marking system (CIJ) or the HSA HP markers and the label applicators for secondary packaging.
6 Reasons to Install an Online Encoder:
● Flexible solution, it can print both on self-adhesive backing labels and on paper and glue
● The machine is installed directly online, the operator will only have to select the variable data and the coder will print the bottles, simplifying the process
● Real-time labeling on boxes or pallets with Novexx systems
● Low reference costs and boxes in stock
● No line stops
● Minimum maintenance
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